Correspondent’s Message


 My dear students, Parents, Staff and Support staff,


Education is not limited to the four walls of the classroom. It is a journey of exploration, discovery, and growth that shapes each child’s future.    

We, at St. Sebastian school, understand the needs and challenges of our students to be able to compete and adapt to the global change. With this in mind, we are taking a new turn to help our education system blossom. We aim to provide a balanced curriculum to prepare the children with the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to develop into well-rounded individuals. Striving for excellence in every possible ways and creating the best educational experience to help our children reach their full potential and become productive members of society. Along with that, we give value to morals and ethics that build character and encourage positive social behavior, emphasizing respect for others. Each child deserves to have a safe and secure environment. In this regard, we need the cooperation of parents in instilling discipline. For we believe discipline starts at home.          

Every learning should be an enjoyable experience where every child is continuously progressing, regardless of social division and religious differences, having the ability to face the challenges of the future with confidence and resilience. We are committed to train the students not only academically but to face the world with principles and values. Shaping the students to be intellectually competent, ethically sound, emotionally intelligent, physically healthy, and spiritually inclined. With courage and teamwork, we shall continue our journey to constantly upgrade the quality of education at all levels and open new perspective in education with your continued support. We hope to shape the young minds of our children into becoming leaders of tomorrow.