Our Patron

Saint Sebastian was born at Narbonne, in Gaul, but his parents were of Milan, in Italy. He was a son from a wealthy Roman family. He was educated in Milan. He was an officer of the Roman Army, Captain of the Guard and a favourite of the emperor Diocletian.

Diocletian did not like Christians. He persecuted the Christians. Sebastian visited them in prison, bringing supplies and comfort and saving them. He healed the wife of a soldier by making the Sign of the Cross over her.

Sebastian was a Christian and proclaimed boldly about Christ, he was tied to a tree, shot with arrows, and left to die. He was brought back to life with the help of St. Irene of Rome. He returned to preach to Diocletian, the emperor clubbed him to death in the year 288 AD.

He is a well known martyr in the Roman Catholic Church. All Kinds of people looked to St. Sebastian in the hope of attaining strength and endurance. St. Sebastian’s appeal is universal. When the world that often overwhelms us, Catholics look to him in hopes of sharing in the vitality that made him steadfast in life and faith. He is a patron for soldiers, plague-stricken, archers, athletes and holy Christian death. He is also patron of our school. His feast is celebrated on 20th January.

May almighty God bless our school management, staff, students and their families through the powerful intercession of St. Sebastian.

Prayer is the key to Heaven, Faith unlocks the door.