Mrs. S. VIJILA Msc., B.Ed., M.Phil

“For with God nothing shall be impossible”

                                                – Luke 1:37

Dear Students and Parents,

Greetings! in the name of God.

I believe, that a child is a pure soul and nurtures God’s most precious creation to become good and responsible children,  not only in school but also in their family and community.

Our aim is to create a purpose for learning and allow children  to be thinkers, innovators and problem solvers which  empower them to orchestrate experiences that result in a natural and integrated development of knowledge, skills and thinking.

Our vision is to develop a range of pathways to lifelong learning should have the opportunity to experience the joy of discovery and love for learning.

Leaders never say ‘I’ they don’t think ‘I’ they think ‘we’ they think ‘TEAM’ we have a team of fabulous faculty members who display boundless energy and intense commitment which keeps the values of our school shining brightly and would create future leaders and role models of our society.

The ‘LEADERSHIP TEAM’ functions with responsibility and without disrespect to anyone and each person gets the recognition and satisfaction of job well done with resilient, creative, ethical and would remain dedicated to lifelong learning for our children.

I strongly believe education is a collaborative effort that  involves professional administrators, committed teachers and motivated students. Our teaching method which is holistic and comprehensive compliments this.

As a principal, I dedicate myself to ensure that every child in  our school receives a quality education and strive hard for our  motto: Learn, Love and Serve.

I am sure that our patron St. Sebastian will guide us.

” May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine on us.”

                                              – Psalms 67:1