Rules & Regulations


  1.  Every pupil is expected to be present in the school campus around 8.45 a.m.  Assembly begins at 9.00 a.m.   Regular late – comers will not be allowed to attend the classes but will be sent out immediately.
  2. Parents and outsiders are not allowed to enter the main gate. X, XI & XII parents in case of their ward’s previous absence can enter through the side gate.
  3. English being the medium of instruction, conversation in the school must be in English, except in language classes.
  4. The school hand book must be brought to school daily. The hand book should be duly signed by the parents in case of absence.
  5. Wearing the school uniform is compulsory on all days, including special class or any other functions or programmes. No alternation must be made in the uniform issued by the school.
  6. Boys must have decent hair cut. Uniform patterns like low hip pants or any other designs are strictly not allowed.
  7. Girls are not allowed to wear Burka, shawl or towel along with their uniforms inside the school campus. They must  comb their hair neatly only with two folded plaits tied with black ribbons. No gold, silver or any other metal ornaments or slide pins should be worn.  They are expected to maintain short nails and the use of nail polish or mehendhi is prohibited.
  8. Pupils are not allowed to bring any money. The management will not be responsible for any loss.
  9. No pupil should bring comics, periodicals, objectionable literature and other books which do not belong to the school library to school.
  10. Genuine respect and love towards teachers are important values upheld in our Indian tradition and highly recommended in this institution.
  11. Great care must be taken for the school property. No one should damage the things that belong to the school.  Any damage done to the school property must be paid for at the discretion of the management.
  12. No Student will leave the school premises during the school hours without the permission of the Principal. Any person wishing to meet a student or teacher in the premises should get the permission of the Principal.
  13. Strict discipline is to be maintained in the class rooms, play ground and in the corridors.
  14. No student should enter into other classrooms during intervals.
  15. Irregular attendance, disobedience and any kind of cheating or serious mis-behaviour even outside the school will be viewed seriously and is liable for dismissal.
  16. No re-examination will be held for absentees for tests and exams unless grave reasons demand.
  17. Students must attend all school functions and competitions in school uniform even if it falls on holidays.
  18. Change in address or phone numbers of parents or guardians must be intimated to the school in writing without any delay, failing which, the school will not be responsible for non receipt of communications addressed to the parents or guardians.
  19. Specifying a contact number on the student information sheet is a must.
  20. No school transactions will be transacted during holidays.
  21. No student is allowed to bring cell phone or camera to school.
  22. Students residing near the school should not come by bi-cycles.
  23. Every Student should keep his / her cycle locked in the places allotted to him / her and name, class and section should be mentioned clearly at the back of the cycle.
  24. No student should come to school by two wheelers.(Motorcycle)
  25. Girls and boys should behave in an appropriate and modest way. Inappropriate behaviour will be taken very seriously by the school management.
  26. Students are expected to participate in all physical exercises, sports, games, march past and extra-curricular activities, except those under the doctor’s advice..
  27. Students or the parents/guardians of students are not permitted to offer gifts of  any kind to teaching and non-teaching members of school staff.


  1. Leave or absence is not granted except on prior written application from parents or guardian (except in cases of unforeseen circumstances). Every absence must be entered briefly in the leave record page of the hand book and signed by the parent or guardian.
  2.  Any student who takes leave continuously for more than five days without information will be struck off from the roll.
  3.  Pupil’s attendance on the Re-opening day after each term is compulsory. Any break of this rule without prior information will be punishable.
  4.  In case of illness, exceeding three days, the pupil should produce a medical certificate on the day he/she joins the school after his/her leave.



A student could be withdrawn from the school by a formal request letter by the parent or guardian with a payment of Rs. 200/- for the same. Withdrawal is possible only when all the fee and dues are cleared.

T.C. will be compulsorily issued to the student, who is detained in the same class for more than two years or found to have a bad conduct and character.

Note to Parents

  1. Please read the calendar and familiarize yourself with the values, rules and regulations of the
  2. Kindly take responsibility and be aware of your ward’s progress in Ensure that your ward goes back home and reviews school work on a regular basis. Parents are requested to check their ward’s hand book each day for assignments, Parent–Teacher’s communication and any remarks from the teachers. The purpose of these remarks is to inform the parents of the events happening in their ward’s school life. Parents are welcome to meet the teachers to discuss such matters further between 3.30 p.m. and 4.30 p.m.
  3. Please feel free to write any concerns you have or any particular achievements that you wish the school to be aware of, You are welcome to request guidance as needed.
  4. Help your child to arrive in school well prepared – clean and dressed in his/her proper uniform, with all relevant study materials, writing materials When a student comes to school having completed his/her assignments and  well prepared for his/her examinations, it increases their confidence at school.
  5. Review the results of   the periodical   appraisal and encourage scope for
  6. Open days are organized regularly by the school. You are urged to attend these open days to receive your ward’s progress card and feedback from Encourage your ward to take balanced interest in studies and co-curricular activities.
  7. IPods, cell phones, cameras, electrical devices and other expensive items can bring about distractions and so they are not permitted into the school. Discourage your ward on the
  8. Parents are requested to assist their ward in completing all the assignments and studies and their co-operation is very much sought in completing the lessons missed during their wards absence from
  9. Please note that the language of communication in school campus is English. Encourage your ward to sustain conver- sations in English outside school hours wherever
  10. Holidays declared for all Educational Institutions by the state or central government and Chingelput District on account of disturbing situations like natural calamities, strikes and mourning as notified by the media would be applicable to our
  11. In the event of closure of the school in extraordinary circumstances, the school may have to work on one or more Saturdays to compensate for the loss of working days. Attendance on all such Saturdays is mandatory.
  12. Encourage your ward to follow a regular Spending quality time with him/her, giving encouragement and positive feedback will definitely lift up your ward’s spirit and thus help his/her progress.
  13. At home, guide your   ward to select valuable TV programmes and restrict TV viewing to a maximum of half an hour a Spending more time on watching TV and playing electronic or computer games has negative effect.


  1. Please co-operate with the management and abide by the guidelines given below and encourage your fellow students to do so also. Let us all strive to uphold the reputation of our school.
  2. Discipline and good behaviour makes a safe and happy school for everyone, and trains us for our life to face the wider world confidently.
  3. Bring this Hand book to school every day. Fill in all the columns given in various pages as per the instruction. Note your home work, your activities and engagements daily in
  4. Never be late. Come atleast 15 minutes before the commencement of the Students who come late to the school for more than three times are not eligible for the Regular Attendance Prize.
  5. Keep silence in the class
  6. Wise students use their intervals to drink water, to use the rest rooms, relax and maintain healthy friendship with their fellow students. This might help them to concentrate more in their school activities.
  7. Don’t waste water, chalk or paper. Don’t tear papers from the note
  8. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Keep your class rooms and surroundings
  9. Clean and neat habits maintain ones dignity.
  10. Do not splash or sprinkle ink or water on the floor or Waste papers, pencil shavings and other rubbish should go into the trash bin. Don’t write anything on the benches, toilets and corridors.
  11. If you lose or find anything report it to the teacher at
  12. Cultivate the values of sharing, helping, forgiving and Being a school student learn and observe non – violence.
  13. Keep good A modulated voice is an asset. Cultivate them.
  14. Converse only in English except in Language Classes.
  15. Never keep your foot on the Never drag your legs while walking.
  16. Don’t stamp or scribble on the benches and on the If you do so you are proving to be unconcerned about ‘common good’.
  17. Only those pupils of std. VI and above are permitted to come to school by bi-cycles. Their names and classes should be neatly mentioned on the bi-cycles and should be left only in the places allotted to Do not lend your cycles. Lock your cycle and keep your key safe.
  18. Behave and speak modestly. The use of offensive words is strictly Be respectful with students, teachers and non-teaching staff. Create and maintain a happy atmosphere.
  19. Every person is worthy of Teasing and excluding is hurtful. Make the effort to understand other students who are different from you and make them to feel free and be at ease. Put others’ needs before your own. Pupils who tease and bully are proving their own weakness and lack of self-respect.
  20. Uniform: You must wear full, correct uniform which is clean and ironed. If not you need an official slip. Make sure your black shoes are polished and your hair and nails are clean and neat. Have deep pride in yourself and in the name of your
  21. Pupils are not allowed to move out of the class without the teacher’s
  22. Pupils are expected to be in silence at all times even in the absence of the
  23. When you are in uniform, wearing your ID card (current year) is a must. This is applicable when in or out of the school
  24. Conserve and value our Never waste precious water or food. Turn off all fans and lights when not in use.
  25. Avoid rushing, pushing and This is very important for the person and other’s safety. In corridors and on stairs, walk on the left. Don’t disturb other classes by making noise, running or peeping into the other class while crossing any classroom.
  26. Electronic devices, including mobile phones, are not permitted in the
  27. Make requests and not Make positive requests and suggestions. This is likely to bring the changes you    want; complaining will not. Appreciate the good things you see in others.
  28. Maintain the Values and earn good reputation. The same disciplined and courteous behaviour that is outlined here, is expected outside the campus at all Please co – operate to ensure that our school maintains an excellent reputation in the society. Be a good example to others.
  29. Share at home your learning in the school. Make your learning useful for our
  30. Make special efforts to preserve our Blue Planet the Preserve plants, animals, birds. Do not pollute water, air and land.
  31. Avoid eating fast and junk food. Avoid drinking fizzy Drink three to four litres of water everyday.
  32. Follow meditation, prayer and also physical exercise everyday.