Sports & Games

     Physical education forms an integral part of our curriculum. A playground is in fact, an open classroom without roof. Our students are not only studious but they also excel in Sports and Games activities. During physical education hours they are given physical and oral training in certain games, sports, yoga, basic fitness exercises and games skills. The best performing students are chosen and given additional training after school hours and encouraged to take part in open competitions.

            Sports competitions inculcate the spirit of positive challenges and sportsmanship among the students and prepare them for their life head. Sports, games and physical fitness occupies an important place in our curriculum. as usual in this academic year our students actively participated in different sports and games competitions and won medals and certificates in Zonal level, District level and also went upto divisional level.

Our Achievements in the Zonal Levels

Our school belongs to the St. Thomas Mount ‘F’ Zone. We are the winners in Super Senior Hand Ball- Boys, super senior Kho-Kho- Boys and Senior Hand Ball-Girls. sub-Juniors, Juniors and Senior Boys in Chess Competition and on the Athletic side our Junior Boys got I & II place in the 80 metres Hurdles. They got I & II place in Juniors Shot Put and Discus. Junior Boys got 1st place in 100 metres, 2nd place in 200 metres. We also got the First Place in the 4 x 100 metres relay in the Juniors category.

Our District Level Achievements: 

(We belong to the Chenglepet Educational District). Our Junior Boys got the First Place in 80 metres Hurdles, First and Second Place in Shot Put and qualified for the Divisional Level. This is the first time our Senior girls entered in the Hand Ball District Level and at the Ist attempt itself they won the district meet.